The company Plaspack was founded in 1973 by Dipl. Kaufm. Anton Balaz and Ing. Alfred Rudow, in Schwanenstadt (Upper Austria). At that time, the two entrepreneurs started to produce plastic nets in the form of raschel bags (potato bags) for industrial use with special know-how.

Over the years, this versatile product has adapted to the most diverse requirements in the agricultural, industrial, construction, sports and event sectors. Plastic nets, also printed in the form of advertising media, have become indispensable in a wide range of application.



Since 2002 Oliver Balaz is managing the company in the 2nd generation.

Since 2005, in addition to the production of plastic nets, the spectrum of new innovativ products in the sector of shading systems (including the patent on pylon technology) with the focus on sun sails has expanded.



The company has been building on its success for decades: with two company locations, in Schwanenstadt and in Kozarac (Bosnia), around 210 employees provide the production – from manufacturing to packaging – each under one roof.

Constantly looking for innovative solutions and high aesthetic expectations on the textiles have established the plastics processor for films, nets and advertising media in the last decades.